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ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures

Drive on the wild side and see a new side to Pattaya’s glory as you chase through exotic locations and speed through the diverse terrain that Pattaya has to offer, including jungle trails, dirt roads and hillside treks.
Prepare for the ride of your life and experience the true fun an ATV tour has to offer, with world class quad bikes, unique landscapes and amazing views of Pattaya’s exciting natural world.

Just a mere 20 minute drive from the golden sands and raging nightlife of Thailand’s adventurous city and you’ll find the adrenaline-fueled fun of ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures; taking ATV riding to the next level. So why be left in the dust for the pursuit of entertainment when you can be ahead of the game right now?

What does ATV stand for?

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle, also known as a quad bike, three-wheeler, four-wheeler or a buggy kart. They tend to have low-pressure tyres, a large seat that is sat on by the user, along with handlebars for steering control.

Do I need experience riding an ATV?

Absolutely not! All ATV Quad Bikes and Buggy Karts are automatic and incredibly safe and a breeze to drive. No driving experience is needed, you can get the full fun factor out of your tour even if you’ve never driven an ATV before!

But in case you’d like to get a feel for your ATV, you’ll be happy to know there is a practice track available to practice on before going on the trails.

What vehicles do they have on offer to choose from?

ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventure offers all these models: ATV Polaris 330cc Trailboss Quad Bike, ATV Polaris 400cc Sportsman Quad Bike, ATV Adley 220cc CrossXroad Quad Bike, ATV 260cc Fun Buggy and a Kawasaki 250cc Dirt Bike.

What type of environment will I be driving in?

You’ll be driving in off-road trails that are absent of other vehicles and people; perfect for checking out the full throttle of these speed machines as you enjoy the wind whip past you in jealousy. In your tour, you’ll drive through local jungle trails, dirt roads, farm lands, desert-like sandy roads and through creeks.

Even if it’s raining (which are the most fun days), you can take advantage of the wet and muddy tracks and trails as well! Splash through puddles and pools of water and show the swamps whose boss! These bikes truly are all-terrain.

You’ll also be taken up to high hillside tracks, where you’ll get to see beautiful views of the surrounding areas. In your travels, you’ll also come across wild cattle and fabulous exotic plantations including pineapple, coconut, banana and jackfruit. Pattaya’s natural world is your oyster; ride free, friend!

What is so special about this ATV tour?

ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures has been successfully opened since 2006 and the reason for this success is down to the fact that they use world class ATVs, exclusive trails and first class customer service! Just check out what they offer below…

What will I get with my package?

-A Choice of the ATVs
-Highly Professional Guides
-Superb on-site Bar/Restaurant
-Showers and Changing Rooms
-Free Hotel Transfers
-Swimming Pool
-Free Soft Drinks and Fruit
-Helmet, Goggles and Riding Gear
-Fun and Safety
-An Amazing ATV Adventure!

How safe are these tours?

Extremely safe. All ATVs are automatic and easy to drive, with no prior training or experience needed. This is one of the safest modes of driving for speed chasers and adrenaline junkies alike.


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