Partnership that drives success

By joining the Pattaya Thailand’s Partners program, you get access to Pattaya’s largest social media network. We have over 50 of the largest and most active Pages and Groups, we are achieving an organic reach of up to 1 million people every day. And this network will be used to market our Partner’s businesses.

Our partners will also benefit from a variety of services that we offer completely FREE, these include web design and development as well as marketing content being created. 

Our partnership program runs hand in hand with our soon-to-be-launched membership program. And will require a discount to be given to all of our members on any goods and or services they purchase from you 

Our Partners receive the following services completely FREE

Access to Pattaya's largest online comunity

Website deisgn and hosting

Website maintainance and support

Creating marketing materials

Pattaya's largest online community

Website design and hosting

  • Web design

    We can custom design a website to exactly meet the demands of your own business.

  • SEO

    We will build your website with search engine optimisation in mind

  • E-commerce

    We can make your website an online shop and automate your sales process

  • POS

    We can also integrate a completely FREE POS system, that is easy for you and your staff to use

Website maintanace and supprot

  • Website maintainance

    We offer to maintain your website completely, making dure it is always up to date.

  • Support

    We offer a very responove support portal so that you can get assistance when you need it.

  • Google

    We can also offer you assistance with updating your business on Google maps and and google adwords or google ad campaign

  • Facebook

    We can assist you with any marketing campaighns you might like to start on Facebook

Creating marketing materials

  • Pictures

    We have professional photogrophers available to come and visit you.

  • Videos

    We also have an in house videoography and editing team and can produce all types of videos.

  • Flyers

    Our in house designers can create the most eye catching adverts for you.